As the government and enterprises are more aware of the importance of energy saving and the energy market gets more information-based, enterprises need to manage the energy supply, storage and utilization more effectively, therefor they need to establish an effective energy management system in order to meet their energy consumption objectives for better resource deployment, production organization and cost check, and win over the government’s founds. Taking into consideration of different enterprises’ particular needs, we have developed a more powerful and better targeted enterprise energy management information system.

The overall objectives of the system: Set up a database and establish an intelligent energy management information system using intelligent technologies; carry out real-time and accurate dynamic monitoring on the energy utilization in major energy consumption enterprises; strengthen the energy conservation management with the help of modern technologies, increase the energy saving regulation , and improve the management on energy saving for enterprises.

Real-time Monitoring
Data Inquiry
Power Use Analysis
Data Analysis
Equipment Management
Production Management
Alarm Management
Energy Efficiency Benchmarking
Energy Forecast
Cost Analysis
Public Resource
Energy Report

The energy consumption monitoring device is an integrated server installed in major energy enterprises according to the online monitoring specifications on energy consumption for major energy consumption users released by NDRC. It consists of a data access unit, security isolation unit and processing unit to acquire, process, verify, store and upload data and perform network isolation and remote upgrading.

  • Safe: The isolation data exchange unit synchronizes data safely, and the internal and external networks are completely isolated.
  • Reliable: Hardware with high-performance is configured, and storage and power redundancy, hot swapping, and database backup are supported.
  • Flexible: All parameters within the system can be flexibly configured, and no special modification and system upgrade are needed.
  • Expandable: Various interfaces are supported for easy expansion.
  • Effective: It supports various data interface protocols. Field meter, distributed control (PLC/DCS), production monitoring management system (SIS/MES), management information system (ERP/MIS) or manual entry can all be accessed by configuration.
1.Online direct acquisition

  By connecting with the intelligent instrument, industrial control system, enterprise production management system, and enterprise energy management center, energy users’ energy consumption data is acquired on the energy consumption monitoring device and then automatically transferred to the system platform after data aggregation.

2.Manual submission

  If it is impossible to directly acquire the energy consumption data, product output, economic indicators, and some energy efficiency indicators online, the enterprise should submit the data directly to the platform.