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"Industry 4.0 will make production processes more flexible, and enable the development of highly customized products as well as the integration of new services into the value-creation process."

- Jerome Hull

"The manufacturing world is entering an era of hyper-innovation where advances in technology and material science are rapidly changing what we consider ‘possible’ and creating new business opportunities along the way."

- Jeff Dobbs

"Entering new markets, increasing productivity, sharing technology and integrating the supply chain all require some level of partnership with outside organizations and the adoption of more collaborative business models to achieve success."

- Ralph Canter
Certification Service

Quality certification, for suppliers, is a way to improve the reputation for quality and the competitiveness in domestic and international markets, and for buyers, is the assurance for protecting their interests and the reference for completing the trade. On our platform, Smart-Plant will perform the quality certification and provide specified labels to highlight the quality of the product and gain buyers’ confidence.

Credit certification is for the certification authority to check whether an enterprise is an legitimate entity and the applicant for certification belongs to the enterprise to be certified. It is an effective way for the enterprise to build the image and gain the competitiveness in the market. It helps the enterprise show its capacity and strengthen the management and risk prevention.

OUR partner

Customers’ success is Smart-Plant’s priority. This is why we only worked with the most innovative and experienced partners over the past years in cement, metallurgy, electric power, and mining. Together with our partners, we've changed business for the better and brought innovation to life. Our customer-based partner ecosystem helps you discover and implement the Smart-Plant industrial solution that best fits your unique needs regardless of your company size or industry. Smart-Plant’s industry-wide and industry-leading solutions and dedicated partners will help you win more recognition and revenue to your existing business.